Thank you 2021

🎶🔊 Thanks to everyone for the company and love to make our 2021 a wonderful one. See you guys in 2022!


Special thanks to Asia Mei for the beautiful Buddy Gator theme song.


Buddy Gator theme song’s lyrics⬇️ Let’s sing along 🥰:

He's looking out for a friend

He does whatever he can

You always see him lend a helping hand 🎶

He's always full of ideas

On how to make the world cheer

He's always out there thinking 'bout his buddies 🎶

Yes he is a buddy gator

He will try to make it better

Gator 🐊

You won't find a friend that's greater Gator 🐊

He is just so loving, caring huggable and sweet 🎶

Yes he is a buddy gator

Yeah no matter what's the matter Gator 🐊

He'll be there to make it better

Gator 🐊

He's the kind of buddy that everybody needs 🎶

Buddy Gator By. Chow Hon Lam © All right reserved.

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